MOYEAH APAP Auto CPAP Machine Anti Snoring Ventilator

Moyeah iBreath automatic cpap machine medical equipment with nasal mask and wifi internet connected for sleep apnea anti snoring SD card directly inserted for data. , all data is derived from MOYEAH’s automatic cpap wifi model.

Advantages of Moyeah Ibreath-CPAP 9

1 The World’s First Minimum Volume Smart CPAP Machine
2 Best friendly interface, comfortable interaction
3 The easiest-to-use nuanced dot design
4 Detection of more abundant breathing events, intelligent voltage regulation
5 Most automatic fans
6 Single expiratory release, more in line with the respiratory mechanism

  1. Small but smart AVAPS integration
  2. The humidifier does not heat up without water, say goodbye to drying!
  3. Reps are plentiful and can be used everywhere!

More advantages of the Moyeah Ibreath-APAP wifi model:
1.Internet connected: MOYEAH-iBreath-Apap wifi Machine is equipped with built-in wifi technology that seamlessly connects to the new moyeah cloud-based management system called Moyeah Care App. You can search for apps in Apple store or Google Play with “Moyeah Care”. Moyeah Care offers the ability to remotely change device settings and troubleshoot. With this feature, questions about general therapy physicians and patients can be resolved in minutes from the Internet.


  1. Integrated Humidification: Heated humidification is a standard feature built into all MOYEAH iBreath automatic cpap machines, with the enhanced automatic climate control option, and press the start button on your cpap machine for the ultimate in therapeutic comfort.
  2. AutoRamp: MOYEAH iBreath features the auto cpap motor. The Auto Ramp Motor with Sleep Start Detection is designed to make therapy as comfortable as possible from the moment you turn on the Apper machine. This serves to provide low pressure to help you fall asleep easily. After detecting your sleep, comfortably increase the pressure to ensure that the prescribed level is delivered correctly.
  3. Advanced Event Detection – MOYEAH’s iBreath automatic cpap machine distinguishes between obstructive and central apnea so you can be sure you’re always receiving the right therapy.
    4.MOYEAH iBreath automatic cpap machine adjusts the perception of light:
    Automatic light intensity detection, adjust the screen brightness automatically, protect the user’s eyes
  4. Easy Breathe Motor: The quiet Easy-Breathe motor creates a peaceful environment for you and your sleeping partner. The innovative design of the Easy-Breathe motor is equipped with foam and insulating material that is inserted into the base of the device. This results in minimal turbulence, provides more performance, and virtually eliminates room noise.
  5. Front Design – Easy-to-use controls, intuitive interface, and color LCD display make it easy to navigate menus and set up convenience.
  6. Leakage compensation: Circuit compensation and altitude compensation ensure the best possible accuracy and timing.
  7. Single expiratory release, more in line with the respiratory mechanism
    Moyeah iBreath cpap automatic expiratory pressure release machine changes with expiratory effort rate, more expiratory effort, more release pressure, also the inspiration effort is also increased by intelligent calculation, so that the inspiratory pressure also increases , is more in line with mechanical respiration.